The Ritz in Manchester hosted Halloween two days early last week, with a night full of rapidly moving disco lights and a horde of freaky music lovers. Feathered top hats, full glitter face paint and multicoloured mohawks were just the tip of the iceberg.

First support act Captain Hotknives kicked off the proceedings. Opening track ‘I Hate Babies’ (as bad as it sounds) was a comedic, witty number of a style which came to characterise his set.

IMG_8510 copyCaptain Hotknives

Next on were Too Many T’s, a rap duo from London who once on stage described themselves as ‘The Beastiality Boys’. The two performed in zombie costumes and sustained crowd engagement with a set full of lighting, theatrics and film clips. Their grimey uptempo beats rumbled through The Ritz and had people dancing along throughout.

Too Many T's1Too Many T’s

Third act Drum Machine are a troupe of magnificently dressed percussionists. They created an intimate and lively atmosphere by shunning the constraints of the stage and choosing to play on the venue floor, maintaining the enthusiasm cultivated by Too Many T’s.

Headline act, the self-styled ‘Pryo-Circus Rave Massive’ Slamboree marched onto the stage in unison, faced forward and launched into a performance which included (but was not limited to) fire eating and silent film style theatrics. Troupe member Kathika Rabbit bounded across the stage relentlessly for the duration of the night and support act Too Many T’s joined them on-stage for a blinding finale with balloons and ribbons covering the crowd and stage in a twirling chaos.


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Photos by Holly Mason