It’s just gone half past 7 at Manchester Academy 3 and the floor is already damp with ale, everyone is in high spirits for The Doors tribute band The Doors Alive.

Barrier mongers are leaning against the metal frame while they wait for the support act The Good Foxy and there’s the distinct sound of Doc Martens scuffing across the floor as the crowd wander towards the stage to get a good spec.

Good Foxy

The lights brighten on the stage shortly after 8pm which is the indication that The Good Foxy are about to kick the evening off. With a glitter covered drum kit and some wacky coloured shirts the band jump straight into their first song Lowrider.  It’s psychedelic funk with a heavy bass that you can feel and a lead singer that can belt out a fantastic chorus.

Good Foxy’s bassist Freddie grabbed the mic and said “We always like playing with The Doors Alive because The Doors fans have a good taste in music! And thank you for coming down early.” They finished off with High Watt which certainly electrified the crowd! This 5 piece are a band to keep your eye out for.

A faded Chinese style rug was played out across the stage for the arrival of The Doors Alive, smooth jazz played through the speakers as the crowd went for a quick cigarette and grabbed another beer before the tribute band came on.

William Scott walked onto the stage in a smart leather outfit and had a twang in his voice as he shook a maraca to the rhythm. An American flag was draped over the speaker and the crowd were going absolutely wild as the 4 piece tribute band rocked out to LA Woman.

The Doors Alive

Hands shoot up in the air as someone from the crowd shouts “I love you” and William replies “We love you too man!”

The first few chords of Peace Frog speared out and the crowd began to yell along with the husky lyrics. The evening was a great success, a crowded Manchester Academy 3, smiles across the crowd and a perfect Doors tribute band!