It’s been over a decade since Mayday Parade graced the scene with their infectious pop rock sound, that’s over 10 years in which they have managed to stay relevant and popular with in an industry that is forever changing and their success has landed them in Manchester, on another UK Tour to support their most recent release Black Lines.

Of their 12 song set for the night, surprisingly, only four of the songs are new – one of which is ‘One Of Them Will Destroy The Other’ and kicks off the set. It’s heavier than expected for a Mayday Parade song, it is a seamless representation of the bands abilities to transition into a new genre and do it well.


Three Cheers For Five Years is the oldest song of the set, with singer Derek Sanders admitting it is the first song they wrote together. Typically this performance is accompanied by a piano but in Manchester, it’s played with the full band and is full of energy. It gives the classic track a new lease of life.

There is a downside to the set; it’s a minor flaw in their lighting show. With little to no front lighting, it’s hard to notice a lot of the more intimate moments like the bands reaction to the way in which everyone is screaming along. It’s lost until Sanders dons an acoustic guitar for Letting Go, another new track, and Terrible Things. Here the light is cast on the crowd mostly, as they lift their phones high to shine their lights for the more sombre notes of the set.


Oh Well, Oh Well and Black Cat flow into what is seemingly the final song of the set – a crowd favourite Miserable At Best. Of all moments in the set, this one is the most special. Half way through the song, Sanders and drummer vocalist Jake Bundrick cease their singing for the crowd is singing much louder than they are anyway. Toward the end, Sanders even stands, his face in total disbelief and appreciation as he holds his hands behind his head and thanks everyone as he leaves the stage. All the while, the crowd is still singing, finishing off Miserable At Best with a chorus of cheers.

It’s an early finish, even with the encore the night is still pretty young and everyone in the room, dancing erratically to Jersey, is not finished with this Floridian five piece. It just goes to show, even after a decade, with a back catalogue of catchy songs you can still possess the power that Mayday Parade has to command a sold out crowd.