If there’s one thing that the people at Kerrang! know how to do, it’s organising a consistently good annual tour. 2016’s is an unsurprisingly great line-up, which has resulted in another sold out show tonight in Cardiff. In theory, the bill lacks cohesion; from the young, pop-punkers, Roam and up and coming, Biters to the aggressive Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and undefinable Sum 41, it somehow works. It still provides something for everyone.

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It’s certainly throwback Thursday when Biters take to the stage. Their sound is built up of pop hooks enveloped in a 70s rock and roll ethos and topped off with the stereotypical attire, their thirty minutes of stage time is a sufficient amount of time to build further anticipation and excitement for the crowd.

Hailing for the seaside town of Eastbourne, Roam prove that it’s not just Americans that know how to do pop punk well. Their energy is contagious, clearly displayed through the immediate movement of the crowd. Bouncy chord progressions and lyrics driven by positivity, Roam have a promising future ahead of them.

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Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Frank Carter is a legend in the modern rock community. Building a rep from fronting Gallows and PureLove, he now brings his newest adventure, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes round the country. Whilst having Carter as a frontman equals respect and undivided attention from the audience, regardless of whether he was there, the rest of the bands musicianship alone, is enough to wow the entire venue.

Sum 41 were originally meant to play the Kerrang! Tour back in 2012. Unfortunately but understandably, due to Derek’s back injury, they had to pull out. There’s a lot of pressure to play the same tour four years later, particularly when you’re incredibly aware that your UK fans have been waiting this long for you. If anything, this time period has seemed to fuel Sum 41 even more.

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Sum 41

Opening with fan favourites, Over My Head and Motivation, the band need no words to demand audience participation, it seems to be an unwritten rule. They bite the bullet and present newer tracks like Screaming Bloody Murder but present an explosive encore with career catalyst songs In Too Deep and Fat Lip. The contrast in musical approach reveals the gradual maturity in sound over the years and it is admirable. Their success and longevity is justified and the fans tonight leave with having fulfilled their childhood dreams or reigniting a love for the band.