The last time All Time Low ventured to our shores to do a full run they played this exact venue, but only as a co-headliner with You Me At Six. This time they have their own headline set and the biggest stage production they’ve had to opportunity to bring and the war-like screams erupting around the arena from the impatiently awaiting crowd could easily deafen the unprepared. The track to kick proceedings off, ‘Kids In The Dark’ is a clash of wonderfully electric youths singing their heart out to a clearly anthemic song and All Time Low are doing their best to still be heard over the masses.

‘Bail Me Out’ featuring Good Charlotte’s very own Joel Madden felt almost like a passing the torch moment, from legends of the game to the proven modern players. Lovingly mellow ‘Therapy’ followed by a heartfelt introduction to ‘Missing You’, “This next songs goes out to anybody struggling with addiction” both take things down a notch but are probably the stand outs of the evening and if that wasn’t a special enough moment, fans were treated to rarely played oldie ‘Coffee Shop Soundtrack’. Given it’s been 10 years since the release of the EP this track is from, it seemed fitting to add it into the set.

It would be a mistake not to dub All Time Low the current kings of modern pop-punk considering they’re the highest climbing present band waving the flag. Only just earning their arena status over on this side of the pond however, this is certainly is not new territory for the band fortunately the amount of stupidly put together penis jokes they make certainly rivals that of Blink-182. What also started out as a joke, the first few lines of Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’ turned into a full blown cover with the band blown away by bassist Zack Merrick actually knowing how to play the song.

With all jokes aside All Time Low know very well how to make funky, well rounded tracks. ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ gave that festival feeling to the crowd who were up high on friends shoulders. ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ had the personal touch with guitarist Jack Barakat jumping into the crowd and joining in singing the last few lyrics. All Time Low might not be everybody’s thing but their fanbase surpasses most bands and they certainly know how to entertain them.

Featured photo by Kelly Hamilton.