Tonight, Little Comets play Dingwalls in Camden after embarking on a tour to promote their latest album Hope Is Just A State Of Mind,  that was released a few days prior. The line for the show runs right around the corner of the venue with many excited fans anticipating the show. The doors were originally set to open at 7 pm but this was pushed back for a whole hour due to Hippo Campus cancelling their set due to illness. Whilst this did leave some fans disappointed, many expressed their well wishes to the band.

The first band up for the night was Brighton band Fickle Friends who recently signed to Polydor Records. The band are known for their tropical infused pop-rock style of music and this did not lack one bit throughout their set. It was delightful that many in the venue crowded forward to watch the band instead of running off to the bar, giving them a decently sized audience for an opening set. The band commence their set with ‘Say No More’ which gets everyone in the room dancing regardless of whether they had heard of the band at all.  They seem like absolute professionals at engaging the crowd and creating new fans and this is no surprise considering the amount of festival appearances the band have made in the last year. Despite their upbeat style, the band do not go wrong by playing one of the only slow songs they have have ‘Paris’ that the crowd equally enjoy.  Highlights of the set include their performance of two new tracks ‘Freak’ and ‘Brooklyn’ that both signal that the future is looking bright for the band who will probably get to doing big things this year. Their short, but sweet opening slot is ended off with a performance of one of their most popular tracks, ‘Swim’ setting the atmosphere for Little Comets who were on next.

After a short set up, it’s finally time for Little Comets to take the stage. It is noticeable tonight that the band have definitely struck a chord with the younger audience. The crowd tonight consists of mainly younger females who have flocked to the very front of the room as to watch the band from a prime position. Due to the recently released new material, the band play a great deal of their new work during their set. The first song played is ‘Little Italy’ that truly get the crowd stoked for the rest of the evening. Despite their latest album only being two days old at this point, the crowd do not hold back in singing along to new numbers such as ‘My Boy William’ and ‘Gift Of Sound’. Despite entertaining the crowd with their exhilarating new material, the band do not shy away from playing their older tracks such as ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Bridge Burn’ that flows smoothly into their new track ‘Formula’. Probably one of the most enjoyable things to witness was throughout the band’s flawless performance was the amount of passion and energy the band have for what they do. From the go, the band are as energetic as ever, giving more than 100% at all times to their stunning performance. Furthermore, their new material although having new innovations, does not stray too far from their older work. Due to this, the band’s set enjoys a consistent sound throughout and this consistency is what gives them a distinct sound that their fans can identity with. After playing a good 15+ songs, the band end their well-rounded set with their song ‘Effetism’ of their latest album that drives the crowd wild, thus ending the night on a high.

Overall, both bands enjoyed the comfort of playing excellent sets that were incredibly well received by audience. Both Fickle Friends and Little Comets alike both showcased their talents and walked aways giving instilling in the audience the sense that they both on the way to achieving new and exciting things in 2016.