Something interesting to mention about The Neighbourhood is that they are one band that has full control of the way they are portrayed; their aesthetic lies in black & white images – professional or on their own social media channels. It’s even shown in their album artwork, their most recent release ‘Wiped Out!’ of which the set list is most compiled of for the night, is a simple silhouette beach scene in painted in black & white.

Following a quick but energetic performance from New York’s MXTHER, fronted by Gossip Girl’s own Penn Badgley, the California quintet take to the stage with intro Ferrari which segways neatly into an ode to their hometown Greetings From Califournia. The crowd for the night is made up of mostly young females, a lot of whom are donned in shirts to fit the song ‘daddy issues’, even if they aren’t totally aware of the term. The song has its sexual connotations, much like many songs that grace the 17 strong set for the night.


Highlights included Jealou$y, Female Robbery and their closing number R.I.P To My Youth. There is a moment when amongst the crowd all can be seen is people on top of shoulders, wanting to catch a glimpse of the performance of their favourite song. There is only one particular downfall in that most of the songs from the night are slower tracks, it’s hard to keep the energy up when the set is compiled in a way that most of the upbeat tracks come right at the beginning of the set and at the very end. Of course The Neighbourhood’s main crowd pleaser and most popular track, Sweater Weather, is saved as the penultimate performance to which the crowd who have stood, for the most part, with only a small sway, finally come completely alive.

What you get from The Neighbourhood is a smooth performance, led by charming frontman Jesse Rutherford. Though their performance and stage presence – minus Rutherford – is not on the level of some other bands in their scene, they deliver impeccable live translations of their studio material. It leaves you with mixed feelings – impressed with the vocals of the enigmatic lead, how he manages to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand even at the lower moments of the set but also leaves you a little underwhelmed. The Neighbourhood, however, are still an incredible band and one can only hope that their next visit overseas will see them step it up to the next level.