The biggest tour of Twenty One Pilots’ career so far, ends with two nights at the world’s most famous venue, Madison Square Garden. Holland based five piece, Chef’Special had the rather daunting task of opening up to a very dedicated Twenty One Pilots fan base, many of whom were grasping onto the barrier and had been queueing outside for days in the scorching New York summer heat, with no sleep and nothing but the vision of being in the exact spots they now occupy to keep them going. And maybe a few McDonalds along the way.

Chef’Special are musically, some distance away from being the alternative pop sensation that headliners Twenty One Pilots now are. But you can certainly give them credit for their charm and laid back style considering the stature this venue holds. A certain non-arrogant swagger and sweet melodies make for a fun introduction to the night, but for the crowd it just means they’re that much closer to Twenty One Pilots.

Mutemath had some rather dazzling light displays, to coincide with their electric pop sounds. The crowd slightly more interested in a fairly more well-known band. Their visuals are not something they take pride in for live shows, numerous amounts of their videos include ‘visualizers’ to accompany their music, at least it make it interesting to look at. ‘Used To’ is a stand out track, soulfully truthful lyrics with entrancing instrumentals making for a slightly harmonious melody.

Finally with the sound of a rarely played ‘Fairly Local’ as the band’s introduction, Twenty One Pilots take to the stage, which slides directly into ‘Heavydirtysoul’ with its constant bright backlight created an artistic silhouette for both singer, Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. ‘Migraine’ and half of its opening verse is trademarked as an entirely crowd sung verse, the music stops and one of the most awe inviting moments ensued, enough to send goosebumps down the arms of even the most tame fans.

The Emotional Roadshow is more like one big musical circus during the end of ‘Hometown’ a large black cloth was placed over Joseph and his piano, under the cloth Joseph disappeared and within seconds re-appeared on the upper seating level of Madison Square Garden like pure magic.

Leaving the main stage and proceeding to walk onto “B Stage” in the centre of Madison Square Garden to play what may be known to the fans as the ‘oldies setlist’, tracks like ‘Addict With A Pen’ and ‘The Pantaloon’ of which otherwise wouldn’t make it into their regular set and are a sweet add-on to their large hardcore fan base in the building. On a non-serious note, covers of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ including Joseph’s lyric change to “and I never like to admit I like this song” all make it into the setlist, joined by both support bands on stage for a mass jam session.

During a very moving speech from vocalist Joseph in which he detailed the very beginnings of the band before the now drummer Josh Dun joined. Prior band member, who is coincidently also named Josh, back in the days of playing pubs and bars to around 20 or so people, Joseph stated that his band mate would often ask; “playing the Garden tonight?” Joseph didn’t need to finish the sentence or explain the reasoning behind it and the crowd erupted into the most proud cheers. It was his way of saying “we made it” even without having to.

Thus leaves the encore, an always emotional ‘Goner’ before the always-played-last song ‘Trees’. And of course this wouldn’t be the Emotional Roadshow without another heart-warming speech from Joseph. “All day I’ve been thinking about these three words, the first word is WE.” Not entirely talking about the band, or the crew, or the fans in the audience but everyone all over the world that has ever helped them get here today. He explained how every time someone asked him earlier in the day about this show or how he was; “I kept going back to these three words… We Did It.”