The Ruby Lounge, is situated in an interesting part of town, between betting shop William Hill and Arndale shopping centre. That didn’t deter people from waiting early, it was certainly clear, whilst waiting for doors to open, there were some huge fans who were determined to make sure they were at the front of the stage. 

Megan Davies is supporting Noah on his UK and European Tour. It’s the first time ever she’s been in the UK, and first time ever she’s been to a proper pub. Similar to Noah, she has a YouTube channel with some great covers, mixed with some of her own original pieces too. Everyone was lucky to enough to hear some of her new tracks throughout her set. She has a very husky tone to her voice, very warm and very country/soul sounding.


Megan Davies by Holly Mason

On one of her brand new songs, ‘Black & White’, she mentions being at a stage in her life when everyone is getting married, having babies and settling down. Meanwhile she is travelling in a van, staying in hotels and living out of a bag. This is shown beautifully once the song begins, as well as the emotions that go with it and is something many people can relate to. Whether that be currently, or in the past. Other songs to listen to are; Side Effects. Wallflower and Tie Me Down. For her final song she did a great cover of Dark Horse by Katy Perry, which got a superb reaction of the crowd singing along.

Noah Guthrie comes on next, and he welcomes the crowd in his very humble way, and announces this is in fact the last gig in this short UK run and that they fly out to Germany the next day. He amuses the crowd by saying his music is all love songs and depressing, so apologises if you’re not in the mood for that sort of mood. And he does not lie.

Without a doubt, Noah has a fantastic range in his vocal skills. Going from warm and soft soul sounds, to the more rocky belting scales. A few songs to check out; Beautiful Crime – heavy chords and a rocky sound, Missing You, New Beginning and Break The Silence.

Noah Guthrie by Holly Mason

Noah Guthrie by Holly Mason

What everyone likes, as fans or critics, is hearing the story behind the songs. It makes us feel involved with the artists journey and more in tune with the performance. It feels special and audiences like to feel they are a part of something special. Noah particularly does this well. He says his next song is ‘Turtle Thunders’, which is a love song with a particularly odd title and accompanies it with a brilliant story. Whilst becoming a little creatively stuck whilst working on the song, he had called his dad – who also happens to be his manager – and they began to discuss his childhood. He recalled how Noah’s Grandmother would tell him; “if you get your finger caught in a snapping turtle, it won’t let go until it thunders,” which stuck with Noah. Strangely enough, with that in mind, the title suits the love song theme.

For his encore Noah performed a cover of My Only Sunshine – which is a song pretty much everybody would know from a childhood memory. In fact, it was very Woody Guthrie-esque if you will (he was very known to create nursery rhyme type songs that were in fact very political and meaningful). The audience loved it, everybody was singing along. And some, noticeably, even got quite emotional.

From warm soulful quiet acoustic, to the rockier beats, Guthrie is a versatile artist to really keep an eye on. He is incredibly talented as a singer, a songwriter, and a story teller. The fact he is super nice and welcoming as a guy is the icing on the cake. This was his first UK tour, and we have no doubt he will be back again but with a new album finished and due to come out end of this year/early next, he’s sure to return again. Be sure to see him! In the meantime check out his first album and YouTube channel. You won’t regret it.