Bristol has numerous unlikely music venues dotted around it’s incredible city, and in the unorthodox Bierkeller, this stoned floor, low ceilinged room is awaiting a deafening wall of noise curtesy of Wolverhampton rockers God Damn,  Miami based metal four piece Torche and Portland Heavy Metallers Red Fang.

First of the night bring God Damn with some unrelenting scream, heavy guitar riffs and even some hooks. The duo offer some catchy moments, that act as welcomed breaks amongst the aggressive, attacking guitar riffs produced by frontman Thom Edward. With an additional member live, the sheer volume the three piece create is an impressive feat.

On to the experienced four piece Sludge Metal outfit known as Torche. Steve Brooks and Andrew Elstner’s dual vocals and harmonies instantly offer a more melodic, structured noise. The quartet produce driving interludes that are met with heavy, precise instrumentals.

The hypnotic vocal paring sounds reminiscent of Pearl Jam, underlying deep, brooding guitar riffs. Towards the later part of the set the overdriven guitars blend into a constant drone, the continues breakdowns makes for a gruelling outro, leaving the diverse crowd waiting for Red Fang.

The quartet open with Wires, the driving guitar riff is a well-chosen opener that welcomes head banging and provokes movement from the crowd. Aaron Beam’s softer vocals are counted by Bryan Giles’ harsher backing vocals. Red Fang differentiate between catchy riffs and sing along melodies to gritty, fierce guitar solos.

Blood Like Cream contains a crowd provoking chant that keeps this party loud and chugging along. The minimal stage production in this warm, dingy excuse for a music venue is the perfect setting for the raw, in your face Portland based Red Fang.

Towards the end of their 15 song set, the downfall of repetitive structures, guitar riffs and melodies the set begins to become continues. The final track of the night, the beloved Prehistoric Dog ends the night of a rowdy, enjoyable high. Human limbs flying atop the crowd, beer dripping from the walls, the night can be seen as a success.