If you live in or near Manchester, we highly recommend The Whiskey Jar in Northern Quarter for their weekly Tuesday open mic nights. And a reason we say this, is because we were lucky enough to come across the likes of Rob Green whose performance there was positively memorable.

An open mic night is the perfect way for an artist to practice their live performance and with only a couple of songs allowed, you really have to make an impact. Rob Green surely did with his great stage presence.

Entertaining, engaging and enjoyable, Rob Green delights the crowd with some original songs – which are found on his EP on soundcloud. He has a fantastic voice and is charismatic, engrossing the audience with a bit about him and where he’s from etc, announcing that this is also his first show in Manchester.

Now everyone loves a good cover of some old classics, not only does Rob do a great cover but he did a whole range of classic R n B songs in a decent 5-minute-or-so medley. Being able to change the pace, switch up the lyrics of different songs is a real skill and Rob does this flawlessly. He of course integrated the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune into it which was fitting, as one audience member pointed out that he bared a resemblance to the Fresh Prince with his haircut. It is great taster of what one of his main gig sets would be like. 

What makes Rob stand out from other musicians? He has performed in people’s living rooms, birthday parties, you name it, he does it. It seems such a simple idea, and a great way to expose his music for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, as well as a fantastic way to engage with his audiences. Being in such a digitally focused society, Rob brings it down to how artists used to get out there and make their music heard.

You can find out more about this by following his clever pun of a hashtag #RobGreenRoom. He streams them live on his Facebook so you get to join in without having to be at the actual venue.