22 years ago the punk quartet Billy Talent was born, in years to come they would begin to lead the charge with their powerful music, ladened with political implications and hard melodies to boot. It’s been four years since they’ve brought that sound over to the UK but finally, following the release of their newest album ‘Afraid of Heights’ earlier this year, they have found their way back to our shores with beloved UK band Young Guns in support.

Young Guns, poised to promote their newest release from September this year, took to the stage with an abundance of energy and promise. This would be the first time some fans would be hearing the new songs and the band are truly humbled by the reaction they receive to said songs. Vocalist Gustav Wood thanks the audience multiple times throughout the set for coming down early enough to catch them, though most are just lying in wait for the headliner it’s the watchful eyes of spectators that can spark an interest in a new band like Young Guns and help push them further. Though Young Guns seem to still be finding their way somewhat, it seems, in the scene and in their live performances, what they do perform sounds quite incredible. They weave in and out of both old and new songs for their short set, all leading to the finale of ‘Bones’ which sets a fire under a lot of people who recognise the track even if they didn’t realise.

Billy Talent’s absence from the scene over the past few years has only made this tour all the more sweet, there was a need for them to return, especially in the UK, to promote a little nostalgia among the fans who are now in their mid-to-late-twenties. As they bound into view, all donned in red shirts to match their backdrop and the colours of their newest release ‘Afraid of Heights’. Their setlist hasn’t changed much since the last time they hit our shores, now only with the added new material and is 19 songs strong. The crowd don’t seem to mind that a lot of the tracks they hear played they may have heard last time Billy Talent rolled around, they’re just happy to have them back on a stage again.

They have perfected their craft and it’s to be expected from a band that’s been producing quality music for so long and they spring around, seemingly recklessly but on a closer look it’s in perfect time with the part of the track. They don’t need much in the way of stage set up like some bands of their stature bring along with them, their live performance speaks for it’s self – fully charged, in your face and so damn fun to watch. Of course the new songs sound pretty good live, an excellent translation – perhaps you could say that they sound even better live than on their studio efforts and it makes for one hell of a show.