It was a typical rainy and cold Autumn evening in Manchester, everyone had their hoods up, waterproofs on, dodging those with ridiculously large umbrellas on pavements. Despite it all there were huge queues outside of Apollo of people anticipating Jake Bugg’s first night on his new tour.

The excitement was an all-time high, with all sorts of people there; from kids with their parents, to couples couples, or groups of friends of all ages. As is expected, from an artist who is loved by many people throughout the country, Jake Bugg has an incredibly distinctive voice. He has even previously been put in comparison to the likes of music legend Bob Dylan.

Something many don’t tend to experience in a smaller venue, were flares to be going off, even less so on an average Tuesday evening – sadly there are those who like to try and cause trouble for everyone else. The first flare was let off halfway through the first song Jake and his band performed, and then again towards the end of the show. Unfortunately it disrupted the atmosphere and flow of the show, causing Bugg and his band to leave the stage whilst halfway through the songs. Luckily they came back both times, and carried on where they left off with the same enthusiasm as they had before.

Jake Bugg’s voice is incredible, very different from the typical mainstream male voice. When you hear his songs on the radio you instantly know it’s him and it’s even better to hear live. He opened with On My Own as a solo performance followed by; Strange Creatures, the Love We’re Hoping For and Simple As This.

It kicked up a notch when he brought the rest of his band on, putting on a brilliant and lively performance showcasing songs from all three of his albums, and singing some crowd favourites; Two Fingers, Taste It, Messed Up Kids, Trouble Town and then Kingpin definitely got those in the standing area pretty excited.

He performed Broken, as his last solo acoustic piece which dramatically changed the tempo and the audience were hauntingly almost silent, listening and paying full attention. For the finale, the band performed an encore and rocked out Lightning Bolt where the whole audience got up in the circle area.

Overall Jake Bugg was brilliant. Aside from the interruptions, the band and Bugg put on a fantastic show. It’s only a matter of what is to come next, hopefully without the flares.