In support of their latest album, On Desire, American-Welsh indie rockers Drowners returned to the UK this month to play an extensive tour up and down the country. Their penultimate date saw the quartet take to the stage at The Lexington in the heart of North London, playing to a small but incredibly rowdy audience— including Alexa Chung, which was much to the excitement of surrounding fans.

On a Friday night drinks are always expected to be flowing, and so it wasn’t surprising to see nearly half the audience down their pints in anticipation as Drowners made their way on to the stage. Fronted by former model Matt Hitt, the band oozed a cool, unusual elegance from the get-go; they impressed before a single note had even been played.

They opened with ‘Cruel Ways’, the brand new single from their new album and a definite crowd pleaser. There was no time wasted in starting up a mosh pit, something unexpected at an indie show to any outsider but perfectly normal to anyone who makes a habit of going to any show advertised on the Dice app. The Lexington’s small perimeter and lack of metal barricade made it so easy for the flock of young (though not too young, it was an 18+ show after all) girls to get up close and personal with Hitt and co.

The slick, seductive 50-minute set allowed Drowners to not only showcase their new material, but revisit some of the older fan favourites from their self-titled debut. Liverpool might have been dubbed the ‘New York City of Europe’ once upon a time, but Drowners seemed to play as if they were at home in Brooklyn right on the London stage, delivering with a warm confidence that had their audience smitten. On record, the four-piece are refined; live, there’s a raw aggression that has to be seen to be believed. Matt Hitt’s model good looks are nothing to fawn over once you get a taste of his ability to have a crowd spellbound.