Glass Animals recently released their second album  How to Be A Human Being  which was a significant departure from the ‘jungle’/’tropical’ vibe that the band sported for their first album Zaba. The band have had an incredibly busy few months and tonight’s show at the legendary Roundhouse is their biggest show to date. Their new sound reflects in tonight’s stage set up,  there is a disco ball, glowing cacti and even tetris blocks that reflect the different musical elements found in their album.  The crowd erupt into cheers as the band enter the stage to their track ‘Premade Sandwiches’.

Glass Animals choose start on a high with their songs ‘Life Itself’ and ‘Youth’ which many were expecting to be choices for a encore. Although the crowd go crazy for these more upbeat tracks, there is no holding back from the crowd when more laid back numbers such as ‘Season 2 Episode 3’ come on. Though the band had plenty of  new material to showcase attention was also given to older songs such as ‘Gooey’ and ‘Pools’ which have everyone shaking about and singing loud. Glass Animals also treat fans to their well known cover of Kanye’s ‘Love Lockdown’ where frontman Dave Bayley materialises amidst the back of the crowd belting the lyrics and simultaneously showing off his best dance moves.

However, it seemed like ‘Pork Soda’ was the track that the crowd were looking forward to the most with the crowd shouting ‘Pineapples are in my head’ louder and louder each time the chorus came around. Overall, Glass Animals had played what was probably their best show to date, the level of energy were high in the room and there was a smile of everyone’s faces. No doubt, they have shown that they are very capable of commanding bigger crowds and venues. Which is also not a surprise due to the amount of festivals the group have played that have set them up and prepared them extremely well for this moment.