Impericon Festival took over Manchester Club Academy for a hellacious evening of beer, metal and mosh pits. Rock Metal band Polar kicked off the evening with an energised set for an appreciative early bird crowd, some of whom had travelled from all across the UK.

Starting off as light as you can call it for a metal festival, Make Them Suffer packed a punch, their stage presence was awesome and the female backing vocal on some songs was epic. Each act brought something unique but it was Fallujah who opened up a violent and chaotic circle pit that pushed towards the sound desk.

Obey The Brave built an energy by pushing the tempo starting a circle pit, they are one of those bands who can steal a show anywhere they go and Impericon was no different, quite like A Day To Remember with their stage presence and anthemic like chanting at the chorus.


An outlier on the bill, Carnifex delivered a drastically heavier performance and although that was the case, the audience was intoxicated by them and decided to start the crowd surfing early on.

The band ground out a set with “Die Without Hope” before ending with two of their most popular songs, “Lie to My Face” and “Hell Chose Me”. Their stage presence feeds off the crowd and the response the receive is always well deserved.

After delaying their appearance on to the stage, and then teasing the Academy’s ears with “Holy War” and “Light Bearer”, Thy Art Is Murder launched into a number of songs from Hate before a “Doomed From Birth” and “Reign of Darkness” finish.


Whitechapel ended the evening with a well anticipated performance that neared album quality, recreating that grungy tone. It may have been 4 degrees outside but it felt like the earths core in Manchester Club Academy, the energy from both the crowd and the band was epic, circle pits almost constantly, the crowd participating in song and countless amounts of crowd surfing. 

Not to forget Hope for the Day’s Founder and CEO came onstage a couple of times during the evening to give a quick shoutout about Suicide prevention and how music can help that, he was running a small workshop at the back of the venue that you could go over to during the evening and was a perfect way to connect with fans and music.