Tokyo band Her Name In Blood take the stage first. This band has a very distant sound to the rest of the bands on this bill. They’re very heavy metal compared to the otherwise dance-rock bands they’re touring with but the crowd love it. Bouncing along to every song, this band starts the energy that will continue right to the last song of the night.

Palisades hit the stage and start with High and Low and Player Haters Ball, which goes down an absolute treat. Then we hit a slightly sour note, their House of Wolves cover. Although performed to perfection, it is still a My Chemical Romance cover, which let’s face it, is hard to love. Then comes Aggression and due to the serious nature of this song the crowd still isn’t feeling it. For a moment it seems they’ve lost the crowd for good until they start playing a song from their upcoming Self-Titled album followed by Bad Girls and we’re back on track. They finish with yet another new song and Fall. The crowd actually cheers for one more song when they walk off stage so clearly they have made an impression, and not just with the fans that knew them before they played tonight.

Skip forward and an intro dance song begins for Eskimo Callboy, followed by a countdown to which they don’t actually go on stage to when 1 hits. They finally come on after another intro and everyone is jumping when Crystals kicks in. Eskimo Callboy is an electronicore band, a genre that gets a lot of stick, but at their live show it’s impossible not to feel the infectious nature of dance music mixed with metalcore. On top of that, Eskimo show us throughout the show that they are a lot more talented than what you may hear on their records. 

The setlist is a perfect mix of old and new. They even go back to their EP days with Hey Mrs. Dramaqueen, which makes the diehard fans of the audience very happy. It’s been two years since their most recent album, but every time they play a song from their album Crystals, the crowd go nuts. Clearly the love for this album has not dampened with time. All their songs have a perfect mix of sing-along clean vocals with dance music, and heavy vocals with heavy music. For anyone who likes either genres, or who quite frankly, wants to have a dance at a metalcore show, this is the show for that. All their songs are party related, which is not a problem as it’s these party related themes that keep the energy going for every single song. There’s not a moment where the crowd or the band seem to lose interest in what is happening. The band talk a lot about how much they love each other, how much they need a drink and how much they love the crowd. It’s a great atmosphere. 

Jump ahead to their encore, and we have a three song encore which makes everyone scream with joy. The first song is Baby (T.U.M.H), which stands for Tearing up My Heart, and yes, they do indeed rip off NSYNC in this song, but in the most fabulous way. The chorus is the same from the original but the rest of the song is all original which we barely ever see in a scene which loves cover songs. Next is a regular cover, Cinema by Skrillex. This song played by a metalcore band is a real treat, something I feel would go down great in rock clubs. Lastly but of course not last, is the song which really got this band attention, Is Anyone Up. The theme song for the previously defunct website is hilarious if nothing else, and sums up what this band is all about: fun. Throughout the set they joke around on stage a lot, but no one in the room seems to mind or get sick of it. It’s who this band is. They are fun, and they want you to have fun at their show. And we can almost guarantee that if you go into a show of theirs with an open mind, you will indeed, have fun.