All is quiet in Think Tank as Farro take to the stage, the original bright lighting from the beginning of the night suddenly replaced by moody tones. It fits with Farro’s music well, especially when accompanied by the light projections of geometric shapes and a flurry of white orbs. If you didn’t know, Farro is the aptly named musical endeavour of ex-Paramore guitarist Josh Farro and is truly wonderful effort with clear indie pop influences and a strong hint of The Postal Service.

Though it could be easy to assume that live it would be a solo effort, to fit with the name of the band, it is backed by full instrumental performance. Keyboards, bass, drums, the whole lot and it really brings Farro’s album ‘Walkaways’, which was released earlier this year, to life. Looking around at Think Tank and hearing the talent that Josh holds it’s not hard to imagine him on tour with the likes of Imagine Dragons or The Lumineers, where his sound would suit and dazzle quite easily.

Another aspect to dazzle crowds with is the charisma that Josh shows throughout the set, as he takes frequent breaks to chat with those standing watch. Though the breaks to chat are marked on the setlist, they aren’t rehearsed and he even adds in a few more breaks here and there – he holds a good repore with the audience and happily bounces back replies to those who speak up. “What are we at, like an 8?” He asks the crowd around midway through the set, to which a fan replies that they’re only at ‘7’. It earns a laugh and a short exchange which culminates with a member of his touring outfit yelling, “Hey 7,  I’ll take that.”

Slowing it down, everything goes stripped back and Josh stands with two other members for a beautiful acoustic rendition of Home. Synchronised together the song sounds even more beautiful live than it does on record. It is quickly followed by an equally brilliant cover of Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal, a true rival to the original. It just goes to show the true versatility and star potential from Farro as a whole who harmonise so well together.

It is here where it is exclaimed from the crowd that they have hit an 11 out of 10 as far as the show goes, which seems shocking to the band who express their gratitude and begin to ask ‘where do we go from here’ and in the quickest kind of reply, someone shouts “only down from here” but they couldn’t be more wrong.

The set picks up once again before coming to an end for title track Walkaways, in which Josh jumps down to be with the crowd – in particular mingling with the girls who had been yelling and conversing with the band most of the night. His humble end and promise that all of them will be meeting those who took the time to watch is quite nice, despite his previous pitch at music stardom and says a lot about him as both a person and a performer. Truly, they deserve the popularity they are destined for and we can only hope it comes fast for them, brilliant acts such as Farro should be recognised because really it’s only up from here.