Post Punk rockers TRAAMS took the stage at Clwb Ifor Bach after an energetic set by openers Vulgarians who get the crowd enthusiastic for the band.  The atmosphere in the room is extremely intimate, there isn’t really a raised stage in the room. In addition, there is no barrier between the crowd and the band. The show although not sold out, really seemed as though it was.

TRAAMS start their set off with the first song off their 2015 album Modern Dancing titled ‘Costner’ which is an upbeat and catchy number. This track instantly has everyone bopping their heads along to the rhythmic beat of the melody. The excitement resonates as crowd don’t hold back shouting the lyrics especially the word ‘stop’ every time it comes around in the song. This excitement continues as the band ease straight into AnB with the transition being as smooth as it is recorded. Even though the band are known for having punchy tracks slightly chilled out numbers such as ‘Sister’ make all frantically dance around. TRAAMS are incredibly interactive with the crowd and as one of the fans shouts play ‘House On Fire’ their latest single. The band instantly oblige and launch straight into the track to the delight of the crowd.

Throughout the evening, the band play an incredibly well rehearsed and well polished set. It is quite impossible to fault the band on their live performance at all. From the excellent guitar work, to passionate vocals and the lively drums it is clear the band have managed to form a strong sense of synergy. It is this that that allows the band to sound so harmonious despite their gritty and angsty sound. When the set draws to a near end it was quite telling that the band were not going to do an encore. This was probably due to the fact that it would have made little logistical sense to do one. However, their sheer excellence throughout the night made it understandable that the crowd wanted more.