Apologies, I Have None opened up the night after the queue finally filtered in. The stage covered in a thick smoke illuminated with Green fluorescent lights made it hard to see what the band looked like, other than silhouettes. However their album Pharmacie was what they blasted over the speakers jumping straight into the next song after one had just finished. The majority of the songs related heavily to mental health and the crowd adored them, titles such as Love and Medication and Anything Chemical were excellent to hear and it was impossible for the audience to take their eyes from the stage.

It’s Gnarwolves time to shine, fast, aggressive and full of happy faces, the band played an absolute belter of a set, opening up with Boneyard, they showed the rowdy audience what they were made of from the start and their raw Punk like hooks cut through the Ritz like glass and escalated so fast that over 20 people surfed the crowd to the straight to the barrier as Gnarwolves played Bottle, Tongue and Limerence.

It’s 9:20 And The Front Bottoms wander into position in what looks like a grandma’s front room with a sofa in the middle and two of your pals waiting awkwardly for you to say you’re leaving. The pop punk guitar work and Blink 182 style voice make this band all the more likeable while they opened up with Skeleton and Tattooed Tears. There’s something great about feeling the vibes from The Front Bottoms and what better to complete the night than tons more crowd surfers, a drummer that’s an absolute machine and some fantastic ‘I feel like a teenager going through my first love’ style tunes such as Help, Flashlight, Peach and Jonie. If you’re in the mood for a pop punk band with a funny name, give them a listen because you won’t be disappointed.