The Rise Up tour on paper looked to be one of the biggest tours compromising of all bands from Rise Records, but the show here at the Stylus in Leeds was far from being sold out. Hidden in the darkness of the stage, the bands still did their thing. Considering The Devil Wears Prada haven’t toured the UK in over a few years, their presence seemed severely missed being a band who can spark up any venue in an instant. ‘Born To Loose’ with its piercing electronic nodes especially, was an instant eye catcher.

Cooing through their set, a few lads from the crowd asking lead singer, Mike Hranica, to join then in the crowd. On the last track he finally gave in and clambered into the crowd, climbing all upon the stairs and hanging off any railing he could find and turned out to be the most entertaining thing to happen all night.

Headliners Memphis May Fire were greeted with a much smaller crowd than they’re probably used to, but what lacked in bodies was made up for in enthusiasm from the crowd. If you weren’t aware that you can pit by yourself in tonnes of space and still not look semi-crazy then yes that’s possible.

With so many tracks to choose from across their five albums there was always going to be a lot of mix and match from old to new. ‘Prove Me Right’ being one of those tracks that everyone will know, delicious guitar tones driven by a delightfully aggressive Matty Mullins going from the very high signing to the very low screams he does so well.

A very harmonic ‘Miles Away’ minus Kellin Quinn from the album version, is a stripped back track they might never top. Known for being a quite aggressive band with fast up tempo tracks, ‘Miles Away’ is a nice fit to break up the thudding drums and tormenting guitars. Much like the honesty in ‘Miles Away’, ‘Beneath the Skin’ follows in suit, a song about true beauty being beneath the skin and how society doesn’t see that was pretty much always going to be a big hit.

Ending their very short set with ‘Vices’, a song famous for the sentence “me versus me has always been my biggest fight.” It’s clear they still lean heavy on tracks from their arguably most popular album Challenger from 2012. The majority of tracks from the set were from that album and it probably won’t change in any future set lists either. Without speaking for the rest of the tour, the poor turn out for this specific show might mean that so called “Risecore” Is on the way out, or is it just taking a long nap? It might take a few great upcoming metalcore releases to find that out.