2016 has been pretty exciting in the world of indie, having seen the rise of a number of artists— some of which have even signed to major labels. Talent packed tours have been in abundance, not only showcasing the headliners but also the promise of the support acts. In the case of The Night Café, who have opened for the likes of Sundara Karma, there’s a potential to really succeed as 2017 pans out. Despite not being a household name, The Night Café did brilliantly at drawing a crowd to their headline performance at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London on December 7th. It’s not the biggest of venues of course, but sizeable enough to see the impact that the Liverpool four-piece have made over the last year or so.

First on to the stage was Indian Queens, a trio from London that is two-thirds female and so ultimately twice as captivating. They only released their debut single last month but managed to deliver a performance that even some veteran bands can’t pull off; Indian Queens possess a sense of style and originality that cannot be scoffed at. ‘Us Against The World’, the aforementioned single, was a particular highlight, a track that brings out the very best of a bright, young band. With musical similarities to Halsey, but featuring a much more abrasive kick, Indian Queens are definitely one of the ones to watch in the upcoming year.

When The Night Café finally took to the stage at quarter to 10, the crowd had expanded. There wasn’t so much of a buzz of excitement given that half the room was bearded 30-year-olds clutching on to their pints of Stella as if their lives depended on it, but there was certainly an air of relief that the quartet were set to begin seeing as it was so late— on a school night, no less!

The very stars of the set were the band’s latest single, ‘You Change With The Seasons’, and fan favourite, ‘Addicted’, which is also their most familiar tune. Their musical performance— refined, elegant and bursting with talent— is worlds away from their onstage banter, which is the kind of conversation you’d expect to hear from a group of teenage boys having a ‘cheeky Nando’s’. Nonetheless, it’s the music that sticks with the soul, and The Night Café have got the determination and ability to conquer the mass market. Bands with less substance have succeeded, so these guys shouldn’t have any problems.

Photos by Tom Russell.