The Manchester music scene is very eclectic and spoilt for choice when it comes to genres, sub genres, sub-sub genres – the list goes on. The Slow Show at Gorilla on a Tuesday night was certainly going to be a real treat for the eyes and ears of music lovers. Being that it was the last night of their European tour, in their hometown, the atomosphere was sure to be a good one.

By the time The Slow Show came on, the venue was packed out. And the eagerness and excitement from the fans was at a high. With a unique performance style from lead singer Rob Goodwin, who has in the past described himself as more of a storyteller than a singer – which indeed comes across in his unusual and distinctive voice. It fits with the vibe the band carry, and the style of their songs and choir like harmonies.

In amongst some of the songs Rob introduces with a story. Dresden – which is all about going on tour with the band for the first time and then coming home to Manchester to face the consequences.

Brawling tonight, about living in Manchester. Rob in fact wrote this song in Didsbury (accompanied by jeers from audience, where he corrects himself “sorry meant wythenshawe”) he goes on to say how everyone is so nice – everywhere else, down south in London etc. Then they perform in Leeds and an audience shouted “you’ve changed!” Which made the Manchester audience laugh and agree collaboratively.

Seeing a band in their hometown, in this case them being from Manchester. The audiences consist of long term loyal fans, friends and family, which adds to how special nights like this are. Given this was the last night of The Slow Show’s European tour, their very last song they performed was God Only Knows, very fitting for this night in particular as the key words are “Everybody’s Home Now”. Everyone in the room sang along, much like a choir, making the whole experience really quite magical. And seeing bands like The Slow Show in a small venue like this makes it all the better. Because we can imagine the next tour will be bigger!