If you like pop punk, this tour was the best place to catch the very best of the genre. Better yet, it was rammed to the very core with emo anthems, really cool looking jumps and just a lot of running around, unless you’re Moose Blood and in that case it’s just a lot of standing still. This entire tour is what pop punk fans dream of, and it’s not just a fake poster on the internet, it’s real and it’s happening right here at Leeds Arena.

Moose Blood kicked off the proceedings of this last show on the UK leg of the A Day To Remember tour on a very stylish note, nothing but pink and white lighting illuminated the quartet surrounded by a mass smoke screen. Their clean cut flair makes it feel like they probably never do anything wrong ever but their designated places on stages and having their eyes always glued to their instruments makes it seem that their music may be more enjoyable to just listen to rather than watch.

Neck Deep

Neck Deep’s cult following crowded the barrier like the Saturday night rush at a 24 hour McDonald’s, understandable giving the current standing of the band. One of the prime UK bands going, and not just in their genre. Moving their way up from the smallest venues the U.K had to offer, including The Cockpit in Leeds years ago, to the university’s and finally landing in the Arena. They’ve done it the right way and seem thankful for all they’ve accumulated along the way. ‘Gold Steps’ proved to be a stunning opener, if you hadn’t heard of Neck Deep before then this set will surely make sure you don’t forget them.

New Found Glory

New Found Glory, the could be called fathers of this pop punk line up, brought the old, new and the very very new with the announcement of their 9th studio album. ‘Happy Being Miserable’ showcased what is to come from their new album, whilst their ever so popular of Six Pence Non The Ritcher’s ‘Kiss Me’ and extremely well appreciated track ‘My Friends Over You’ made the set feel like a festival party and no party is complete without this sort of barrage of pop punk anthems these Florida natives just kept throwing at the crowd.

If you laid out the dynamics that make A Day To Remember, well A Day To Remember back in 2003, the music shouldn’t really work. It was fairly new to mash up a collection of genres from one umbrella of a scene but nowadays it’s quite common. From set opener ‘Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End’ to one of their newer tracks ‘Naivety’, it’s apparent they reach both ends of the alternative music scale and they’ve finally hit the big leagues and got their first UK arena tour.

A Day To Remember

The evening’s entertainment still comes with the usual t-shirt cannons and toilet paper streamers that have the A Day To Remember seal of approval however their stage show has had a serious change for the better, screens at the back of the stage showing live go pro action and various motion artwork throughout the show which is far away from just stacks of amps with the ADTR logo on them. As for the music, tracks from the new album Bad Vibrations made their first appearance in the UK. ‘Paranoia’ invited the circle pitters to get going only two songs into the set. Vocalist Jeremy Mckinnon trying his best to include every member of the crowd in the room, waving to those sat right at the very back and pointing to those in the very front.

The entire set was filled with little gimmicks, before ‘Exposed’ the screens flashed up with ‘Please stand by while we change our guitars’. During ‘Naivety’ Mckinnon invited the crowd to not just crowd surf but to “crowd surfing on top of crowd surfers.. you don’t have to participate in this physco shit, you can just move to the side.” Of course this is and A Day To Remember show, so everybody stays put. ‘If It Means A Lot To You’ lit up Leeds Arena like a Christmas tree, accompanied vocally and instrumentally by Kevin Skaff it made for one pretty start to the encore. ‘All Signs Point To Lauderdale’ and ‘The Downfall Of Us All’ rounded out the set in true A Day To Remember style, toilet paper flying and sing a’ longs a’ plenty. It would possibly be a cliché to say this would be A Day To Remember, but it’s their band name for a reason right?