A little over a year ago, With Confidence embarked on a UK tour in direct support of UK pop-punkers As It Is. In a very short time, they have collected a legion of their own fans and solidified themselves enough in the pop punk scene to warrant their own headlining tour across our shores.

In direct support at this quaint Newcastle venue is Broadside, who appear for the very first time in the UK to showcase their album ‘Old Bones’ to a new audience. The songs are powerful, destined for venues much bigger than the one they’re currently in and the band, as a whole, hold promise with their live show that with new tracks upcoming they’ll be moving up very quickly.

Though they do play on the intimacy of the no-barrier show incredibly well, interacting and sharing their knowledge of the city having and how they’ve enjoyed it thus far, gaining the attention of the crowd and holding it.¬†Broadside are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is starting to sound too similar, they have the ability and talent to make it something bright and new and here’s hoping they do.

With Confidence are up next with a fierce opening, the small venue erupts suddenly with the volume raising enough for surely the whole block to hear. It’s quite nice to see a band who had made their first appearance in the UK just a year ago come back with such a force, to see the following they now have and it’s well deserved. There is quite less room to move on this stage but With Confidence do try to make the most of it, they’re a fun band overall but they lack the interaction with fans that really makes these kinds of small shows special.

Still it’s hard to hold it against them when musically, their performance is solid and tracks like Gravity and Waterfall hit a note with fans and make for memorable parts of the night. With Confidence can stray a little from the hugely known pop punk sound and put their own twist on it and it works, it helps them appeal to the masses in the ways some pop punk bands can’t and that’s why they’ve grown so popular in such a short time.

Here’s to seeing what With Confidence can bring to the table next and how much bigger and better they can be, when they perform at this years Slam Dunk Festival.