Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo returns to the UK after a few years absence, backing it up with a new album titled Ladywood. This show in Manchester, being one of only two shows in the UK and is entirely sold out has all the makings of something special.

The opening tracks showcased what Ladywood has to offer, ‘True Disaster’, self-titled track ‘Ladywood’ and ‘Influence’ brought the crowd fully into the new album cycle, complete with her wonderfully free style of dancing these tracks came to life in front of an audience who’ve been waiting patiently for this tour since the album’s release.

Then came the Queen Of The Clouds time in the spotlight, the album released back in 2014 put Tove Lo on the map and hits like the next track of the night ‘Moments’ and ‘Not On Drugs’ slightly later trademarked her sound for years. ‘Vibes’ sang on the album by Joe Janiak, but tonight is sang by Tove’s band mate replicating the duet nicely.  However the main talking point of the night, ‘Talking Body’, after the singer flashed her breasts during the bridge, which many fans have become familiar with over the years after the popularity gain of the song. All majestic dancing and nudity aside, Tove Lo showed her serious side, playing her own electric piano in the charming track ‘Imaginary Friend’. However spent the first half the song holding back some giggles, which were possibly the fault of some fans in the front row.

A quick clothing change and Tove is back out with the second cluster of Ladywood tracks including the first single from the album ‘Cool Girl’ and it’s infectiously rhythmic core before jetting off again for another costume change, an oversized disco ball jacket shooting light in every direction. The encore of ‘What I Want For The Night (Bitches)’ and the unmistakable introduction of ‘Habits (Stay High)’,her risqué additions to not only the live shows but her music videos too don’t distract the audience from seeing her all round talent. They’re merely just adding to the art.