Having played their last UK shows inside some of the biggest arenas the country has to offer including Manchester Arena, which were witness to, they’ve decided to take it back a notch for this 2017 tour. Instead of playing just a few dates in larger venues they are now playing a 15 date tour jammed packed with all the usual antics; questionable remarks mostly from vocalist Alex Gaskarth and Guitarist Jack Barakat, and a heck of a lot of beach balls.

After the vibrant opener of ‘Kicking & Screaming’, surprisingly the all too familiar line “Manage me, I’m a mess” led the crowd into a frenzy of flailing arms and jumping bodies as ‘Weightless’, being one of the key songs nearly everyone in the room would know, took the set from 0-100 real quick. Same goes for old but gold track ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ taking the show back to their roots in seconds.

They take a step towards the new with some tracks from their last album Future Hearts, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and ‘Kids In The Dark’. Both wield anthemic choruses, but it’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ that stands out for many a reasons. With its slightly slower tempo and rather infectious electronic elements it fiercely peaks at the end when all the instrumentals ignite and Gaskarth’s voice is less dreary and more of a hostile shout. It’s really quite the world away from tracks like ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ but really works itself into the set well with the slow tempo leading into the combination of ‘Therapy’ and ‘Missing You’, both encapsulate Gaskarth’s really quite mesmerising voice well, even after apologising for being sick before starting the fan favourite ‘Therapy’.

‘Take Cover’ itself is a really special and rather jolly track that upon release aimed to wrap up the Future Hearts era. Now they’re solidly on their way to their next era with Last Young Renegade out June 2nd and already causing a stir due to the difference in sound but it will always be tracks like ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ that round out the sets and that’s exactly what we got in Newcastle. Barakat and Gaskarth leap into the crowd and become lost inside mass amounts of confetti. No matter how big they get the band will always jump into the arms of sweaty young people just to make them happy. After all who wouldn’t want to see a band whose jokes are mainly based on ripping into each other, making mum jokes and in the case of this show, making a blow up alien their mascot and maybe did or did not make it perform sexual acts? Because as always with All Time Low that’s just the norm.

All photos by Kelly Hamilton.