As part of VO5, NME Awards tour, Blossoms began their travels across the country, hitting the top venues along the way. With a free official late bar for those over 18, many of those waiting to see the band were in pretty high spirits – and were drinking them too. It’s interesting to note that Blossoms seemed to blow up out of nowhere, their moody indie-pop having struck a chord with the masses and has helped with the success of their self-titled album, released in August last year.

Blossoms hit the stage with At Most A Kiss, if you’re ever wondering which fans sing the loudest, well it’s definitely indie fans. Tom Ogden’s voice, as smooth as it is, is drowned out by their audience, who, up until this point, had been relatively silent. They follow it up in quick succession with Texia, Blow and Getaway. There is very little interaction between the band and awaiting fans, which means the set lacks an intimate touch. They are very much to the point, playing through every banger they have with precision and gusto.

At face value, and certainly when listening to them on record, Blossoms are an incredible band with such undeniable talent. However, live there is just something missing. Though they have quite a set up and beautiful light show, their stage presence needs a little boost, perhaps some energy would do the trick. But Blossoms are still finding their footing in this scene and we’re sure they’ll take it all in stride, getting better and better as they go.