Night People, You Me At Six’s fifth studio album, was released on January 6th of this year and musically, it’s worlds away from the classic pop-punk style tracks known by them in the beginning. As the band have grown in popularity over the years, so has their sound and it’s all round more mature, displaying perfectly where they’re at now with an entirely potent mix of genres that sound even better live than on record.

Opening with the title-track from their latest album, the surrey five-piece kick off their explosive set. It’s followed quickly by Underdog and during which vocalist Franceschi commandeered a camera to snap a few photos of guitarist Chris Miller as he rocked a solo. With the camera safely returned a moment later, normal service resumes and you can’t help but notice how charming Franceschi has become. Once a little awkward on stage, in the early days of the band, he now uses the vast expanse of it by striding around like he owns it.

Heavy Soul lands right in the middle of the set and it’s one of the biggest highlights, it’s certainly one of the strongest tracks from the Night People and live it breathes new life, like it’s been turned from a flickering flame to an inferno of sound. With it’s infectious beat and catchy chorus, it’s one you just can’t help but remember and can’t help dancing to.

There’s a small break that comes, where Franceschi addresses the crowd to talk about the album that kind of started it all. Take Of Your Colours was the first full studio album from the band and in 2018 it will be turning 10 years old. It’s an album that a lot of fans hold dear to their hearts, as do You Me At Six and it has spurred the opportunity to partake in the current band-related trend of 10 year anniversary tours. Yes, up on stage, the band confirms that You Me At Six will embark on a Take Off Your Colours tour, at which they will play the album in it’s entirety and the news is only sweetened as they launch into the ever favourable Save It For The Bedroom.

Closing out the set, in the encore for the night, is Give – the newest single from Night People and it’s the type of track that builds. It’s solemn in ways and grows to an explosive finish and gives fans a chance to recharge before Room To Breathe begins. It’s a lot harder than a lot of the tracks they’ve played on this setlist but that’s what makes it the perfect ender, it’s a dark, powerful closer that riles everyone into a frenzy.

If nothing else, this tour has helped to solidify You Me At Six’s standing in music. They may not be mainstream pop artists but they’re doing what they do at the highest level for their genre and are making the UK proud by continuously producing incredible music. Here’s to ten years and hopefully many more ahead.