You can’t go to a Parkway Drive show without expecting to either get a shoved a little, have something thrown at you or instantly fall in love with at least one riff. This run of shows can’t be much different. In fact they’ve stepped it up so much, the fire on stage might literally melt faces. But before finding that out, Stick To Your Guns and Asking Alexandria are up.

Under a vibrant blur of green lights, Stick To Your Guns, strolled onto the stage. Jesse Barnett whipping his microphone around, trotting left and right like a child with too much energy. Like track ‘Against Them All’ they mix hardcore verses with more melodic choruses made for mass sing a longs. The band tried their best to incorporate as much crowd participation as possible to a crowd who were possibly not as tuned in to Stick To Your Guns as they would have hoped.

The last time Asking Alexandria were at Leeds O2 they were headlining so to be back in the main support slot seems like a slight step back. But given their line-up change, bringing back original singer Danny Worsnop it’s easy for people to be sceptical about how this current line-up is going to last. For now they’re back to the older music. 2013 album For Death To Destiny played a big part in the setlist. ‘The Road’ clearly the exact opposite of more well-known Asking tracks with its slower instrumentals and rather soulful vocals from Worsnop, is a world away from absolute crowd pleaser ‘The Final Episode’. Let’s hope for fans of the band the relationship between Worsnop and the rest isn’t going to fall apart again.

Even if you’ve never heard of Parkway Drive they bring enough of a stage show with them to take the interest of everyone, passer-by or not and Winston McCall has enough of a stage presence to scare you just a little until he widely grins at the loudness and utter chaos of the crowd. You could call the band experts on touring the UK, their over ten year stint is really a testament to how in demand they are amongst the genre.

The unmistakable guitar introduction of ‘Wild Eyes’ leaves a once patient crowd screaming along in a frenzy. The audience managed to keep this up for the entirety of the set even through the fiery heat from not only the amount of bodies crushed against the barrier but the bursts of fire from the back of the stage. Nearing the end of the set, Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’ starts up from nowhere, to the delight of many. The ‘Crushed’ packed insane power, intertwining very monotone ‘ohm’ vocals with some fast past instrumentals made for a track worthy of some sort of army march soundtrack.

A set full of literal fire and countless amounts of crowd surfers not only shows how manic Parkway Drive shows can be but also how big they can make any stage look. If you like a good pit, and good mosh or just enjoy a overall good live band, they’re one you won’t want to miss next time you have the opportunity.