2017 marks The Cribs’ 15th year as a band, but is even more special in that it’s the 10th anniversary of their most critically acclaimed record; Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever.  In honour of that, the trio announced earlier this year that they would embark on a commemorative tour across the country before closing with a show at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, their original stomping ground. The Cribs were also set to play two nights at the revered O2 Kentish Town Forum in London, the first of which proved to be an incredibly special event for both fans and band alike.

The first half of the set saw the band run through the album in its entirety, which was an experience like no other for the eager crowd as they got to hear tracks that hadn’t been played in a long time or even at all before this tour. There were no reservations from The Cribs themselves, who launched straight into their fast-paced, no holds barred set without even taking a second to dawdle. The crowd, which had a very strong male presence, was all too happy to get involved from the very get-go and wasted no time in stirring up a mosh pit. The partially titular track ‘Men’s Needs’ in particular saw the audience run rampant, losing all inhibitions as pints were spilled and lyrics were screamed.

Following the album play, The Cribs delivered a selection of deep cuts and fan favourites from their other albums including an impromptu performance of ‘Fairer Sex’, a B-side which they had only played at select other dates on the tour. The second half of the set definitely confirmed the fans’ dedication, as the already lively audience became even more so to the soundtrack of their favourite band playing some of their most fantastic material such as the two closing tracks, ‘Mirror Kissers’ and ‘Pink Snow’.

Often bands get to a certain point in their career, after some time together, that the spark begins to die out or band members are physically unable to keep up in the same manner as they once did. The Cribs are a complete defiance of this, still going above and beyond for their diehard army of followers who in turn have supported the band through thick and thin. It’s certainly a mutually beneficial relationship, shown in their live performance by the way they fed off of the energy from the crowd to put on a true blue rock ‘n’ roll show.