With support from the likes of The 1975, The Japanese House and Laura Marling, it’s no surprise that singer-songwriter Marika Hackman is as successful as she is. She’s come a long way in a short amount of time, making waves with her debut album, We Slept At Last, before going in a decidedly different direction for its follow-up, I’m Not Your Man. In celebration of the record release, Hackman took to the stage at London’s Heaven Nightclub for an evening of dreamy, thought-provoking indie pop.

The show was the finale of a small tour across England, taking place on the eve of I’m Not Your Man’s release. As a result, Hackman showcased a lot of new material, though she also treated fans to a number of older cuts which ultimately showed the vast differences between how she is looking to pave the future, and what once was. ‘My Lover Cindy’ and ‘Boyfriend’, singles from her newest release, caused the biggest stir in the crowd, not only because of their relative fame but because they happen to be the most upbeat tracks on the record.

Hackman was alluring with every move she made, shining brightly on the stage even though she is often considered too ‘shy’ or ‘introverted’ by her critics. The fact of the matter is, Hackman’s choice to not put on airs is exactly what makes her so wonderfully unique— her delivery is all about her raw talent rather than slight of hand tricks.

As the set progressed, it was hard not to acknowledge just how well Hackman and her band work together. Everyone relies on each other and ultimately it makes the already fantastic tracks absolutely vibrant with their live performances. Each person on stage donned fluffy white angel wings, a decision that didn’t seem to have any real reasoning behind it except for that it made the band look visually cohesive.

An encore of two new songs, ‘Cigarette’ and ‘Blahblahblah’, left the audience feeling sated, cheering the effervescent singer on as she brought her performance to its end. Marika Hackman may not have the confidence of a commercially successful pop star, but its her 90s-inspired anthems and delicate disposition that makes her all the more wonderful.