After nearly five years absent from the UK, including a three year hiatus, the still significant Evanescence set their sights on two nights at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. The sold out shows placed them back on the radar of fans who’d thought they might never return. With the Apollo already packed to the brim before the support band were finished made for one sweaty and interesting night.

Not only was the crowd’s reaction to seeing the band back quite prominent to say the least, but the look on Amy Lee’s face showed just how much she’d missed it too. Swinging her black hair like she just didn’t care and that trademark slightly operatic vocal range had fans melting in front of her. ‘Everybody’s Fool’ seemed a fitting enough opener considering the 15th year anniversary of the Fallen album came around last year and from that point the crowd expected the album to play a large role in the nights setlist.

Whilst tracks like ‘Say You Will’, played live only a handful of times before and the ever so compelling ‘My Immortal’ continue to pull on the hearts of every die hard in the building, there has to be an ending at some point. ‘Bring Me To Life’ was not it, to the surprise of some already making their way to the exits. ‘Disappear’ ends the set where the band ended before the hiatus, the self-tilted track embraces the expressive Amy Lee vocals, but the bonus track leaves fans wanting just one more song.

They may be gone for tonight but Evanescence will surely impressively return with their new album Synthesis and they have some pretty interesting plans up their sleeves for tours in the future, including a full orchestral tour, so the album already is leading up to something very different. For many in the audience this is the first time they’ve seen Evanescence and they will have certainly made an impression, the stage production was on the minimal side but who needs fancy canons and fire when you’ve got Amy Lee at the helm?

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