Taking Back Sunday have been a stale in the alternative rock scene for almost 20 years now, having formed way back in 1999. They have been one of the most consistent too, pedalling out that signature Taking Back Sunday sound that resonates deep with listeners and has kept them afloat for this long. It’s smooth sailing again with their most recent release Tidal Wave, which has seen them on the touring circuit once more and this time they took Every Time I Die along for the ride.

If there was ever just one word to describe Every Time I Die’s live show, it’s chaotic. Their loud brash sound is the perfect soundtrack for moshers, the fast pace amps up the energy and a near constant flow of crowd surfers begin to appear from the depths of the crowd. While their music may not be for everyone, especially live when vocals can be overshadowed or washed out by deafening guitar riffs, one thing is for sure – they are a thrill to watch. It’s hard to keep focused on one particular moment on stage as there is always something happening, someone moving or leaping through the air and it definitely makes for a more entertaining set, albeit a little dizzying. They’re the perfect precursor to Taking Back Sunday, finally doing what a supporting act is supposed to do, in hyping up an audience.

Taking Back Sunday, having travelled on 2016’s release Tidal Wave on a full circuit, fans were hopeful of a mixed bag of tracks to be performed and that’s exactly what they got. The first few songs are a smashing throwback to their early days with a dash of the new thrown in. Midway into the set, vocalist Adam Lazzara shares a story of a young boy, the son of someone the band had toured with, who had asked them to sing Faith, a 2011 track that they hadn’t played in a number of years. While they had planned to play something else, they switched it out and it was a little heartwarming to see the excitement of the young lad jumping around side stage all throughout.

Perhaps the bands only downfall is the lengthy interludes, where talking takes up chunks of time, enough time that it seems a song or two may have been cut from the overall setlist. And when the long intro is to a slightly underwhelming Green Day cover, you can’t help but feel it all could have been spared for an extra, better, track. However, it does come back into full swing soon enough, quickly falling back into some more high energy performances with ‘What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?’ and ‘A Decade Under The Influence.’

Taking Back Sunday’s longevity in the music scene can hold thanks to a lot of things, one of them being their strong live shows. No matter how much music they pedal out, does it really ever amount to anything if you don’t have a strong performance and ability to translate it live? Luckily Taking Back Sunday still have it all and we’re sure that they’ll continue to prosper – ending the show on a high with ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and ‘MakeDamnSure’.

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