We all love anniversary tours, majority of the time it means audiences being filled with nostalgia from their younger years. Sometimes it’s a youngster getting to see a band for the first time with an added bonus of a great album making up the setlist. Take Linkin Park for example, Download 2014, Hybrid Theory in full. After the recent sad passing of lead singer Chester Bennington, these types of tours don’t happen often and can’t be taken for granted.

With the Sylus’ compact layout, two stair cases down either side just a few rows back from the barrier, a whole upper tier and a sunken pit in the centre. The audience battling amongst the stairs just to be able to get a good view and await the start of one of their favourite albums.

They’re playing the main support tonight but With Confidence shone brightly on their last trip (a co-headliner at the Key Club) to the Leeds, key tracks like the misleading title of ‘Voldemort’ ironically doesn’t mention anything Harry Potter, regardless is still anthemic to the core. It would be harsh to underestimate the new comers, having just one studio album to their name, they’re not shy when it comes to live shows. They’re used to being the support act but deserve a lot more. Their confidence and energy mixed with buoyant, layered tracks proves their current popularity well demonstrated.

It’s been 10 years since the acclaimed album, A Lesson In Romantics was released. With that entire album being played tonight Mayday Parade can just walk onto the stage and let the music speak for itself. Songs that have stuck with people from the starts, the teenagers that bought the album upon release are now adults and whether it be an album still loved or an album forgotten about for years, guarantee this is a special tour.

Starting out with the powerhouse single ‘Jamie All Over’, Derek Sanders as lively as ever, flying around the stage. The slow piano tunes of ‘Miserable At Best’ united the crowd into song. The rest of the album goes down as well as you’d imagine, complete with some crowd surfers getting a well-deserved high five from Sanders after getting over the barrier.

The truthfully saddening ‘Terrible Things’ and one of the very first songs the band ever wrote, ‘Three Cheers For Five Years’ provided the perfect stand out tracks towards the end of the set. For any Mayday Parade fan this is a tour you won’t want to miss.