Frank Iero is one of a kind. As someone who constantly likes to reinvent himself with every musical endeavour, what he creates is something especially memorable. Currently he can be found making thrashing punk music with The Patience, something he had looked to when creating the album ‘Parachutes’.

Iero kept the same pseudonym for his latest offering, ‘Keep The Coffins Coming’, which is something to be marvelled over. It was also released right in the middle of the current UK tour, this same tour which landed him in Newcastle’s NUSU with support from Dave Hause And The Mermaid.

As Dave Hause takes to the stage, the room is still. At least at first. However, soon enough, with a classic rock sound on offer and a surprisingly energetic performance fans are quickly on board. Hause shouts out to his brother who is playing guitar with him on tour, highlighting how truly talented he is for his age, something that evidently runs in the family.

Eventually Frank Iero takes to the stage, it’s been long awaited but it’s been worth it. The room erupts as Iero takes to the stage, he seems almost shy at first until he begins to play World Destroyer, falling right into his element. He’s an entertainer, it’s been clear for years and translated well through every single one of his projects. There’s a chemistry held with fans, too as he stops every so often to converse with those who have waited all day to see this set; everyone is in high spirits.

“We have our new EP on sale, just don’t tell our record label,” Iero jokes, then falls into a performance of I’m A Mess. No Fun Club also makes an appearance in the set, the penultimate to a fake ending that leads into an encore of some of his most well known tracks. Joyriding is a true crowd pleaser, one to bring the house down and a perfect penultimate end to an incredible set. Frank Iero and the Patience offer high octane performances that leave a mark, exiting a venue you want more and it’s one of those shows that you remember most for a long time.