Texan trio Waterparks just recently finished recording album number 2, the follow up to 2016’s Double Dare. While there aren’t many details on it just yet, knowing that new material was coming was enough to ramp up the excitement for UK dates. These same dates not only mark the bands first headlining tour on UK shores but also marked a huge achievement for the band, as the entire tour sold out two months before the tour even began.

The room is packed with bodies squeezed together like sardines, when Waterparks take to the stage to the opening of Plum Island. It flows into Crave and there’s two fans in particular who are dressed in the dog onesies from the music video that go a little crazier than the rest.

Pre-conceptions of Waterparks can be thrown out of the window after this show, the band are tight knit as they perform, keeping it well together. It’s an experience, the fans are as much a part of the show as the band are as guitarist Geoff Wigington moves around the stage and points out fans to sing with in every song. They don’t need the big production values that some bands do, though it would only make their set more fun and spectacular, it seems an intimate performance with plenty of crowd interaction is what suits them best. People are passionate about their music and they feed off of it, letting it drive their performance to great lengths that literally cause the whole venue to shake; walls and all.

This is something they have managed to achieve with just one full length album and a few small EP’s. They make a note of that as they throw it back to their first ‘Airplane Conversations’ to play Silver, a huge and heavy anthem that showed the promise of Waterparks when they were still in their infancy. It is followed of course by many fans calling for other songs from that and Black Light to be played; “Why do you guys keep asking us to play songs we don’t want to play?” vocalist Awsten Knight asks the crowd with a laugh, before Wigington begins the guitar parts for Double Dare’s ‘Little Violence’, prompting Knight to sing a few lines. It’s just a snippet sure but it’s enough to appease the sold out crowd.

Soon comes the announcement of the last song which is seen to be Royal, a track that starts a little softer but grows to it’s chorus. However Knight is completely drowned out by the voices of the crowd and he allows them to take over, to belt the words back. It’s bittersweet when they leave the stage at the end of it, with no-one really wanting the set to come to an end just yet, and fans are thrilled to find that they return for one last encore track.

I’m A Natural Blue, a release from their EP Black Light, is what draws the set to a close. It’s possibly one of the bands best tracks and in a live setting it really comes to life. With a high octane middle bridge to kick off an unrelenting instrumental, I’m A Natural Blue gives fans and band one last ditch effort to literally bring the house down and anyone standing still would think it was as everything began to shake once more. It’s the perfect ending track to the set. If this is what Waterparks can do with just one full length offering, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do with album number 2 under their belts.

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