Pop punk bands are truly in abundance this year. With an endless supply and more popping up almost every week, it can be hard to weed out the best of, or those who are taking the genre and spinning it on it’s head to stand out amongst a genre that can often sound the same across many of the bands. One band trying to break out and show they’re more than the stereotypical pop punk trope is Broadside and as they took to the stage in Newcastle, the question is, will they succeed?

Their set is compiled of just 7 songs, as they are direct support for this tour, but those 7 songs are a near perfect balance of the most upbeat pop and punk and a mashup of the two. They open with Hidden Colours, the second single released from their second full length album ‘Paradise’, which is followed by Storyteller – two vastly different tracks. The first has a more pop twist and Storyteller is a pop punk anthem, it’s a perfect display of the bands growth between the two albums as they seem to have broken free to enable them to create something fresh and new with their usual sound.

What Broadside bring to the table is not vocals that consist of only shouting angrily into a mic, their lyrics aren’t seeped in depression or the undertones of being desperate to get out of their hometown. Instead what you will find is a band of happy faces, whose lyrics portray the positive message of believing in yourself no matter want and are presented with beautifully sung melodies. They are seemingly more relatable than the typical artists of this genre because they preach a better message and this can be seen in the immediate way everyone rushes to the front to sing along at the beginning of every song.

Laps Around A Picture Frame is a highlight, perhaps one of the best tracks from the album ‘Paradise’, and also one of the slower tracks, it translates impeccably into a live setting. It builds to an eclectic middle, one that is heavy and shows the passion in it so much better than how it does on CD. Closing out the set is the biggest known track, Coffee Talk, and it’s fitting to end on an older track that is also more rooted in it’s genre as it’s a predecessor for the main band of the night. It’s a hype song, if anything else, a crowd pleaser that proves to do it’s job in getting everyone up and moving – not that anyone has really stopped for the whole set anyway.

Broadside are something different, not massively so, but their stance in the genre does stand out as they had the gall to change up their sound even just a little and in doing so have not only kept the loyal fans they had already gained but have drawn in hoards more. Now all that’s left to see is how they’d fair with their own headliner but from this set, we can only imagine it would go down a treat.

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