This world isn’t short of Hip-Hop talent, but what we are short of are artists who aren’t held back by societal normalities on what it is and is not acceptable to talk about. Logic is just the type of guy we need. Backed up by his compelling, now 2X Platinum single ‘1-800-273-8255’ and accompanied by a divergent back catalogue, there’s definitely one thing in Logic’s music that is striking a chord with a mainstream audience. Whether it be his inclusive mentality and broad mind shown on his latest album Everybody, or his ability to write a party worthy song like ‘Flexicution’, there’s no doubt his musical abilities go way beyond what he is about to showcase tonight.

This is ‘Everybody’s Tour’ for a reason. Logic’s charming nature, not only towards his bandmates but the crowd made for a more immersive experience, for instance having everyone put their phones away for one song, and it’s sad to realise that not everyone could get that right and even Logic pretending to shoot an invisible basketball into the arms (fake hoop) of a fan sat on top of his friend in front of the sound desk might have been the weirdest thing to happen tonight.

The title of ‘Black SpiderMan’ is a statement in itself with lyrics like “I don’t wanna be black, I don’t wanna be white, I just wanna be a man today” it’s hard not to appreciate the content. Hopefully this message of equality that is so well weaved into his music is going to continue to have a great effect on mainstream audiences.

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