There’s always been an aura of mystery surrounding PVRIS, their aesthetically pleasing visuals complement their stunning sounds, always clad head to toe in black, their music videos and socials entirely in black and white, there’s something so simple yet so diverse surrounding their music. This tour includes some of the biggest headline shows they’ve ever played, and up until the London show, this sold out show in Manchester is the biggest headline show they’ve ever played. No big deal then.

Powerhouse ‘Heaven’ opened up the set, with vocalist Lynn Gunn on the keyboard but it’s not until ‘Half’ where she shows her full musical talent, drumming alongside Justin Nase. Guitarist Alex Babinski manning the left and bassist Brian Macdonald on the right, they both provide synth and key back up amassing tracks with the flair they need to fill out these larger venues. For songs like ‘Same Soul’, a stripped back version created a more endearing and poignant live track, lit up only by the audiences phones, it was certainly visually memorable if not musically.

Encore ‘No Mercy’ is a cluster of unopposed energy, Gunn making the most of the Apollo’s grand stage and running from end to end and finishing the track stood on the barrier holding onto the swaying crowds below. Maybe it was the sheer amount of people in the room, but the band didn’t spend too much time conversing with the audience. However the light show alone made up for that. With their songs’ loveable and enchanting characteristics, how they’ve already made such big waves in the genre is no surprise. Just don’t expect them to stop now.

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