First landing on our shores in 2013, the bands all black ensemble and striking make up has barely changed to this day. However what they have brought to this UK tour is the array of props and stage dancers that have been a staple in their home countries shows on this current album cycle. The UK crowds are finally about to see the production Motionless In White have wanted to show off, but first Ice Nine Kills and Cane Hill are up to kick off the third show of The Graveyard Shift Tour.

Ice Nine Kills are no strangers to Motionless In White crowds, Chris Motionless already mentioned he’s aware people travel to the states to see them play and supporting on the Beyond The Barricade tour in the US surely enough were Ice Nine Kills. Not even 30 seconds into their set and vocalist Spencer Charnas leaps his way into the pit and stands atop the barrier to get to some of the audience singing along. Tracks like ‘Hell In The Hallways’ has a wonderful mixture of clean vocals but it’s ‘Enjoy Your Slay’ that grasps attention including nods to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980’s horror film The Shining, with its striking theatrical instrumentals.

Cane Hill are set to release their sophomore album, Too Far Gone, so for a band that’s not really made their mark on the UK yet, this tour is about to be a really big platform to share their new work, like ‘Lord Of Flies’ which is undeniably memorable as soon as the first chorus hits. Even when Elijah Witt says they’re about to slow it down a little with ‘Erased’ it’s still heavy enough to warrant a pit, but that’s just the sort of band they are, everything is heavy even when it’s not.

Motionless’ formidable fanbase are out in force, clad in black make up like an army banded together on the barrier. Opener ‘Rats’ sees the first outing of the stage dancers Kylie Devyn and Gaiapatra, showing a completely different dynamic than what the UK fans are used to seeing. They continue to move on and off the stage in numerous outfits and props, at one point throwing sweets into the crowd from their pumpkin trick or treat baskets, because its Halloween 365 days a year when Motionless In White are around.

Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spenser Charnas lends his striking screams to the band for their debut album hit ‘Abigail’. But it’s the addition of ‘London In Terror’, being played for the first time live since 2012, that caused quite the ruckus. And of course other Creatures track ‘Immaculate Misconception’ always turns every crowd up a notch, being the staple of their ‘older’ music.

Not only is Chris Motionless the intimidating frontman that the not only crowd admire but yearn the attention of, but you can bet he’s the reason tracks like ‘Soft’ and ‘Loud (Fuck It)’ follow on from each other in the set, much like ‘Dead As Fuck’ and ‘Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2’ which creatively weaves their entire body of work together. Aside from Chris, the majority of the band are quite stagnant in a daunting way. Bassist Devin ‘Ghost’ Sola is so statuesque for the majority of the set that it’s slightly unnerving especially with his array of costume masks.

Although the stages and props are of no match to those on their US tours, they’ve still managed to give an added element to their live performances. Something for a band as theatrical as Motionless In White; both in music and physical appearance, an entire overall production is just what they needed to round everything off. You can have girls throwing sweets out into the crowd or squirting the barrier with water guns, at the end of the day it’s about the music first and they’ve got that nailed down so why not have two attractive girls stand and wave huge Motionless In White flags on stage. This is what years of hard work and touring gets you, anything you want.

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