Two of the most noteworthy pioneers of the emo scene since 2009 have joined forces for a formidable tour, both in the business of promoting their new albums, Black Veil Brides Vale and Asking Alexandria’s self-titled, both were unleashed within the past months. Asking Alexandria welcome back vocalist Danny Worsnop to the fold after a brief absence filled in by Denis Stoff. But it’s not only Worsnop’s soulful vocals that the crowds have missed, it’s also his charismatic presence that plays a key factor in Asking Alexandria’s live performance. Going from turning ‘The Final Episode’ into a screaming rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ after the final chants of “You need a doctor baby? You scared?” to a rather country-esque version of ‘Moving On’.

They’re not the headliners of this certain show, even though they proved massively they have the songs to do that, Black Veil Brides are up next and they’re not the long haired, make-up covered teenagers they once were. Now with a much more mature, stripped backed look their music has followed suit. On the track ‘When They Call My Name’ a video of images and videos captured from the bands’ early years fascinated the audience, who for the majority have been with the band throughout this journey. Easily enough you could find yourself watching the screen instead of the band just for nostalgias sake.

The progression from their earlier tracks such as ‘Knives And Pens’ and ‘Perfect Weapon’ into the mature sound of ‘In The End’ really punctures the bubble surrounding their childish stigma. The albums have a certain developed aura to them over the past few years and they’ve begun to shake the ‘scene kid’ era an build something more generationally accessible. The black war paint may have gone but the sing-a-long worthy tracks haven’t gone anywhere.

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