Queer pop icon Hayley Kiyoko has dropped her new self-directed video for ‘What I Need’, from her new album Expectations.

This isn’t the first time she’s directed her own video and hopefully won’t be the last, her keen eye for filmic brilliance and aesthetically warmed toned colours throughout makes for a heart-warming narrative of wanderlust moments, portrayed as complex as the artists in it.

The video depicts a strong childhood friendship developing into a romance between Kiyoko and featured R&B artist Kehlani, who starts out the video aggressively arguing with her aunt which leads to Kiyoko and Kehlani driving away bursting with rebellion under the California sun.

With a few bumps in their adventure, they eventually return to each other with a steamy ending that’s just the kind of video you’ve been waiting for. You could say it’s just what you need.

You can watch the video for What I Need, above.