Fear and love, the two most powerful and emotions are some of the strongest motivators in life are responsible for some of the most impactful music of our time. Montana-born L.A.-based songstress Charlee Remitz has been a recent favourite of ours for intertwining the two in her pristine musical efforts. Love, the fear of losing it and lack thereof is a key theme in her latest project Sad Girl Music perfectly summarised by Charlee herself.

In June, we broke my heart.
It wasn’t as simple as, “he did it.”
Because I did it too.
I think he wanted to be let go. He couldn’t do it himself. I grasped at his fingertips, bracing myself at the cliff’s edge while he dangled into whatever void would swallow him should I decide to loosen my grip and set myself free. That’s when I lost myself. Those final weeks, when I knew we were done, but I couldn’t stand up, walk away, trust that if I let him fall, he won’t come apart, or I won’t jump in after him.
Finally, I slipped my hand from his.
That’s where my story begins. Sad Girl Music isn’t about him. It’s about me. It’s about drowning so you can become what you cannot possibly be when you stay above the surface. Sadness is not a weakness. Sadness is a triumph.

This is a career-defining release this promising young talent, it feels as if she’s found her voice in every sense of the word. It comes across the execution of her stunning vocal prowess, how every song is different yet distinctly hers and finally with a nonconformist electro-pop swagger, and finally, the confidence to address such personal matters with an intimate honesty.