Dublin trio Sleep Thieves have spent the past three or four years dwelling in the shadows, ruminating on the sounds painted by 2014 release You Want The Night. This sabbatical reinvigorated their dark, electronic dream pop and allowed them to return in full force with comeback EP Fortress.

We’ve been recording for the last few years, playing the odd show to try some songs out live. We’ve ended up with a massive amount of material all with varying vibes. This is probably due to being in a perpetual state of studio flux.

Fortress EP is a collection of songs drawing from each, beginning life in the first studio and evolving as our transient existence bounced us from home to home. These songs are a snapshot of how time, surroundings, upheaval and change can sculpt the creative process in unexpected yet welcome ways.

Their love of vintage synths and film soundtracks inspires them to draw influence from iconic themes of the past yet Fortress conjures vivid imagery of an eerie dystopian future dominated by technology, a testament to the cinematic sound created by the band that leans into their haunting aesthetic more than ever.

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