After 6 long years, My Chemical Romance have announced they will be returning. The announcement came via Instagram, when cryptic stories began to appear. These culminated the announcement of the bands first reunion show on December 20th at The Shrine in Los Angeles.

Since their departure from the scene, the members of My Chemical Romance have all taken their own paths. Gerard Way has produced music for a solo effort and also turned his comic series Umbrella Academy into a TV series. Frank Iero has had a number of musical projects, his most long running since the split being ‘Frank Iero and…’ who’s name changes with each album cycle. Mikey Way has been seen with the likes of Waterparks, tracking bass for them and even performing live.

However none of the projects, in the eyes of fans, could have possible filled that My Chemical Romance void. Luckily fans no longer have to find something to fill that space left when MCR went away, as in the most emo fashion, they returned on Halloween. Fans were quick to point out the correlation between Iero’s Birthday being the same day and how, during the Danger Days era, they had set the futuristic storyline in 2019.

It’s yet to be determined whether or not a new album is on the horizon, though the stories produced through Instagram did possibly tease song titles. We can only hope that following their show at The Shrine, the band take to the road again for a full tour.

Tickets for the show at The Shrine are available via AXS TV and go on sale in 30 minutes.