After almost twelve years, tonight saw Zane Lowe’s last show at BBC Radio 1. The station has a very broad musical spectrum, and depending on what time you tune in, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself hearing that same song that gets played over and over and over again. However, if you tuned into Zane’s show, you’d hear something different. Maybe that track you used to love that you haven’t heard in years, maybe something entirely new, or perhaps just something you wouldn’t expect to hear on Radio 1.

Since back in the days of his Gonzo show on MTV, Zane has been championing new artists and giving them the chance to be heard by the masses. His unparalleled skill of connecting with an audience meant he was the perfect candidate to be showcasing new music, and since he has such a varied taste, there was something for everyone to enjoy. So, what does Zane have that others don’t? There are plenty of hosts that play new music, what sets Zane apart from the rest? In a word: passion.

Now, that’s not to say other presenters don’t have passion, that’s far from the case, but Zane has so much of it. This guy lives and breathes music. When he’s not presenting his show, you might find him DJing at a club night, or in the studio producing a record. He doesn’t just like music, he KNOWS music. Just listen to any of his interviews, some of which have achieved worldwide fame, and you’ll hear Zane discuss all kinds of genres in great depth with incredible knowledge.

But not only does he know music, he knows musicians. The sheer number of artists that have taken to the internet to say thank you to Zane for what he’s done for them and for music in general is staggering, and a testament to his dedication. He has friends in all areas of the music industry, and it seems that nobody has a bad word to say about him.

He is an inspiration. He is everything you could want in a presenter. He’s this generation’s John Peel, and we’re certain he’ll continue on to bigger and better things in the future!

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