UPDATE: As feared, it seems that this is just an unofficial collection of demos and remixes released through Intergroove Records, who have done a similar thing in the past with The Throne 2, which received very negative results.

Although people are well aware that Kanye West is scheduled to release his sixth album Yeezus next week (18th June), details of a possible second album have surfaced on a number of websites including Amazon.

With a release date of 8th July, this mystery album is titled Good Times and already seems to have cover art and a track listing, as seen below.

Good Times

Track listing:
01. Intro
02. Too Much Time
03. Good Times
04. Step In The Moment
05. Not Enough Cash In The World
06. Touched On It
07. Front Door
08. In Your Face
09. Closing The Gap
10. Hall of Fame

It’s not unlike Kanye for his releases to be shrouded in mystery, but this appears to have come completely out of the blue. Whether this is in fact another new Kanye West album remains to be seen.

(via Music Week)