Brighton pop punkers As It Is reveal their brand new video for Winters Weather. The track is set to feature on the deluxe version of their debut album Never Happy, Ever After.

On the song, vocalist Patty Walters says: “Winter’s Weather was written whilst we were on the road towards the end of 2015. Written across countries, vans, motels, sound checks, dressing rooms, practice rooms, studios and friend’s houses, this was a song born in the environment that Never Happy paved for us and so we see it as a closing song to the Never Happy era.”

The video is set between two worlds, with one version being very formal suit and tie and a mirror image version that is the typical energetic As It Is we have all grown to know and love. You can check out the video above.

As well as original tracks the deluxe edition of ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ includes the following extra tracks.

12. Winter’s Weather
13. Dial Tones (Acoustic Version)
14. Cheap Shots & Setbacks (Acoustic Version)
15. Concrete (Acoustic Version) [feat. Ansley Newman]

The album is released today via Fearless Records and some album packages are still available for purchase here.