In the wake of the recent election and the barrage of hate that has come as a result, Death Cab For Cutie have released a potent message that will come as a relief to many who look to attend their shows.

Music, in particular live events, is supposed to provide a safe haven for young people. A music venue is a space in which fans are free to be themselves, meet like-minded people – regardless of race, religion, gender or orientation – who can come together to enjoy their favourite bands.

“We remain resolute in our commitment to creating music and maintaining a community around our band that embodies compassion, understanding, kindness and safety” 

That is something that could become increasingly hard for some, who fear the places they once sought as safe are now places they will come under fire for being who they are.

Death Cab For Cutie took to Twitter to pose a promise to those fans, letting them know that their live shows will always be a place they can be free from ridicule and discrimination.


We can only hope this inspires more musicians and fans t0 come together as the months go on, ensuring that concerts won’t be tarred by the hate and discrimination we’ve seen as of late.